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Here you will find a variety of Fiction and Non-Fictional writings of mine, and even some books that I've published. And if that's not enough, you can even check out my blog! Thanks, and enjoy!

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A fictional story on road rage, loosely based on an actual incident in the summer of 2000. Click on the graphic to the left to view a PDF of the story.


What Could Do That?

Examining what the Bible says about forgiveness and one's calling.


Making a Believer Out of Me

From astronomy to Israel to DNA, this addresses the top seven things that convinced me that Christianity was for me.

Are We Really Good Enough?

Nearly half of Americans believe people will go to heaven based on what they've done. But does the Bible back this up? Is it really that easy to get into heaven? Can our salvation be "earned".


Examining the creation, authenticity, and purpose of the Bible.

Ah Ha Moments in Scripture

Examining 30 Bible verses that impacted me.

Spreading the Word

Examining Mathew 24:14 in today's world.

Early Influence

Religion at the dawn of America. Exploring how much influence religion had during the formation of the United States and on our founding fathers.


Exploring what motivates Christians to do what they do.


Examining free will and the choice God gives us all.


Examining what the Bible says about daily living.

Understanding Israel

Exploring why Israel keeps making the news.


A closer look at sexual immorality and Biblical marriage.

A Knock on the Door

The five questions I would ask a Mormon or Jehovah Witness should one come knocking on my door. Also included are questions for a Muslim and a Christian.

Hobby Lobby & the Supreme Court

A closer look at contraceptives, abortion, and the 2014 Supreme Court Ruling.

Persons & Beings

Making sense (some what) of the Holy Trinity using simple analogies

Popular Sayings in Culture

Exploring 30 everyday expressions borrowed from the Bible

Different Paths

Sam Kinison & Evel Knievel: Two journeys to the same destination.

A Case for Trump

Exploring why Evangelicals reluctantly supported Donald Trump, and why they had no choice.

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Over the past few years i have written and published a number of books that are available on Amazon.com, Amazon Kindle, as well as other online retail books stores like Barnes and Nobles. You can view them on Amazon here: